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Creative Director / Illustrator: Anjali Menon

Safar, a non-profit headquartered in New York and founded in India requested a logo which embodied their mission. SAFAR which means "journey" in Hindi was created with the goal to empower disadvantaged populations particularly children from the slums of Mumbai. I designed this logo with drawings created by the children, inspired by the founder's love of stars and their positive significance.


Dew was a start-up based in Mumbai which created products commemorating special occasions from customers' photographs. These products were designed to put a smile on their face, thus inspiring the logo. Products included greeting cards, calendars and framed prints.


Everglades National Park protects an unparalleled ecosystem that provides a much needed habitat for numerous rare and endangered species. My goal was to design a logo that combined both the flora of the coastal lowlands and marine life found in it, as these were equally important elements of the ecosystem.


Holi Cow is a jewelry company inspired by India and founded in Martinique. The founder and jewelry designer requested a logo representative of the colors and energy of India and in particular "Holi", the Festival of Color. I created a "burst" with a myriad of warm colors to represent the powder that's thrown at the festival.


The Kilted Tiger is a brand of whiskey created by an Indian food and beverage specialist based in the UK. The client requested a logo that was hand drawn and could be utilized on labels for his whiskey bottles.


Photo Prints was a subsidiary of Zoomin, a Mumbai based company which created photograph related products such as photo books, mugs, framed prints and calendars.

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